Who We are


The “Institute of Development Research and Corresponding Capabilities (IDRAC), Islamabad” is a dedicated research and training institute venturing to deliver quality research and training in multiple areas of social development such as health, education, peace and human rights. It is a registered trust with an exclusive thrust to explore into a labyrinth of social issues and offer multiple ways and means of social progress. Training in a whole range of child health and women’s health, education and early education, social mobilization and disaster risk reduction might be considered its mainstay and strength. In the last 3 years, IDRAC has emerged as one of the prominent training and development players in the field of development in Pakistan.

Well equipped with adequate professional and academic skills and qualifications, human rights, humanitarian knowledge and knowledge of health, education and disaster risk reduction (DRR) as well as food security Its’ team of qualified, trained and experienced and trained professionals stands out as one of the most adept development professionals in the country.

It is pertinent to mention that, so far, IDRAC has worked with Oxfam-Novib, Oxfam GB, Medicine Du Monde (MDM), USAID, International Relief and Development (IRD) World Vision Pakistan (WVP), ActionAid-Pakistan (AAPK), UNICEF, Rural Development Policy Institute (RDPI), Citizens Commission for Human Development (CCHD), Indus Consortium, Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition and several other national and International NGOs.

Head of IDRAC, Mr. Nazeer is a seasoned Social and Public Policy Analyst, Development Researcher and Human Rights expert with the credentials of Action Research, Development Planning cum Management, Project Planning, Baseline surveys, Project Implementation and Assessments or Impact Studies. Academically, he holds degrees in ‘Governance and Development Management (University of Birmingham, United Kingdom)’ and ‘Human Rights Policy and Practice (University of Tromso, Norway and University of Roehampton, London)’ and is an active member of various human rights and development networks such as Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), Youth Human Rights Initiative (YHRI) and Insaani Haqooq Ittehad (IHI) in the country and abroad.

Other Associate Researchers include Muhammad Sajjad who is an M. Phil in Public Policy and Government Studies and has been engaged with several tasks of social research and Development for the last 10 years. Hayat Khan, who has done his Doctorate in Anthropology and is teaching Sociology at the Degree College Swat. Similarly Professor Sajid Awan is also our Research Associate who is the head of the National Institute of Pakistan Studies (NIPS) at Q.A. University. Besides that IDRAC maintains a roaster of the dozens of surveyors, trainers, researches, surveyors, data analysts and effective report writers with it that could be engaged if and where needed.