National Action Plan for Human Rights

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A Progress Assessment

Pakistan’s first ever Action Plan on Human Rights
was launched in February 2016 which comprises on 6 themes, 16 outcomes and 60
actions to be undertaken. The Plan sets out a policy, legislative and
implementation framework for coordinated efforts between federal ministries,
institutes and concerned provincial departments. Defined priorities, strategic direction and targets
are devised to improve the state of human rights in the country. 

Almost three years down the road, relatively
limited information, reporting or progress assessment has been undertaken
around the implementation of its thematic areas, corresponding outcomes and the
action points set forth. Making a precise assessment and analysis of the
present state of legislative measures, national and provincial policy frameworks,
task forces and the scope of implementation on ground, DRI has developed a
comprehensive report to supply the stakeholders with a synopsis of the Action
Plan. Precisely, the report identifies institutional and practical strengths
and weaknesses and extends broad recommendations to improve the process and
outcome of the Plan.

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