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In contemporary times, IDRAC believes, human rights ideology and implications have gained so much significance that the phrase now turned synonymous with human development and democratic governance. Right from civil society, media and not-for-profit sector up to the parliament, judiciary and vital services, its importance and influence ascends every passing day. In fact ‘rights’ and ‘human rights’ are shaping up an alternative language for peace, equality, social justice and economic growth in general.

For development professionals, journalists, lawyers, teachers, students, labourers and workers, it is must to understand and assert for their fundamental rights. Having a better idea of human rights, relevant conceptual frameworks, eminent covenants and conventions and United Nation’s mandatory and non-mandatory mechanisms for a state and its functionaries, is also important for better governance and democratic development. Along with periodical reporting, national rapporteure’s role, universal periodical reviews, shadow reports and the role of national commissions on human, women, child and minority rights are also important to put a state on the path to peace and progress.

In parallel, highlighting potential role of the regional human rights fora can also help. Possessing an interdisciplinary knowledge of ‘human rights’ and ‘development’, especially the knowledge about the independent evolution of both the disciplines and their gradual convergence in recent decades, is quite essential for development partners and players to implement their programmes with purpose.

IDRAC believes that development practitioners (both the government and non-government organizations) can serve the society better with clearer comprehension of human rights in the backdrop of development. Knowing all the theories, national and international laws, instruments, treatise, frameworks and mechanisms better, IDRAC not only promotes and advocates all categories and culture of human rights rather delivers research, training, advocacy, awareness and policy services in an effective and efficient manner.