Training Manual on Peace, Advocacy and Networking

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The  manual  is organized  into  7 major sections: Section  1  shares  an  outline of  the manual and of the basic norms and principles of the workshop. Section 2 comprises on the  two guidelines for the  training workshops.  First one  focuses  on  basic  concepts of peace,  advocacy and  networking as  means  and  processes  of  change.  The  second guideline of this section will try to communicate participants a satisfactory understanding of  advocacy  as key  to  planning  such initiatives.  It  will  also  introduce  multiple  steps of planning  and  executing  peace  and advocacy  campaigns. Section  3, introduces  peace and human security as fundamental right of the citizens and the role of the state in this regard. Section 4 is built upon by various means, methods and typologies of advocacy and  lobbying  as  well  as  lobbying  for  peace  and  advocacy.  Section  6  explains preparations  for  advocacy,  lobbying  and  networking.  Section  7  deals  with  power analysis  and  analysis  of  stakeholders  while the  same  section  also deliberates  on  the expected results, outcomes and impact of  advocacy along with the certain threats and uncertainties associated with advocacy and lobbying for peace and human security.

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